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AprilBio, APB-A1 "The composition patent granted in the U.S."

AprilBio (CEO, Sang-hoon CHA) announced on the 5th of October that the compound patent of APB-A1 (Lu AG22515, CD40L blocker), a candidate for autoimmune disease treatment, has been granted in the United States.


APB-A1 is the pipeline that was out-licensed to H. Lundbeck A/S (Lundbeck), a Danish-based global pharmaceutical company specialized in brain diseases, total deal size of $448M, in October 2021. Phase 1 clinical trial (NCT05136053) was recently completed in the United States by Lundbeck, and clinical results will be released as upon final data analysis.


APB-A1 combines two anti-CD40L antibody fragments with AprilBio’s  SAFA (anti-Serum Albumin Fab-associated) platform technology. It is expected to be used as an effective treatment for various autoimmune diseases as a mechanism to interfere with the activation of the adaptive immune response by effectively inhibiting CD40/CD40L signaling.


April Bio said, "This APB-A1 patent registration will more strongly protect APB-A1's licenses and rights along with existing SAFA platform technology patents." And said "We also expect to increase the value of the SAFA platform-based pipelines and lead to new collaborations".




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