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To develop biweekly GLP-1 and ADC with SAFA platform

“We will complete qualification of all the innovative pipelines which can be developed by SAFA platform by next year.”



Sang Hoon Cha, the CEO of Aprilbio stated plans of expansion of SAFA(anti-Serum Albumin Fab-Associated), the company’s original platform technology, during the interview on August 31st. 


SAFA is a platform related to effector function of antibody. 

 The platform recently faced a turning point as Lundbeck publicized that it will conduct clinical trial phase 2 with APB-A1, an in-licensed pipeline from Aprilbio. A Denmark-based multi-national pharmaceuticals announced that clinical trial phase 1 of APB-A1 is going well and will start phase 2 next year during the earnings release conference call on 17th. 


Aprilbio is planning to finish efficacy assessment from animal experiments with SAFA-adopted innovative pipelines by next year.


The CEO stated “we will prove all the pipelines that can be developed by SAFA such as bi and multi-specific antibody, ADC and so on. We believe we will come up with innovative candidates.”


Utilizing the character of albumin – long in half-life - the company is also targeting to develop obesity treatment pipeline. Wegovy and Mounjaro – the sensational obesity treatments of nowadays – are weekly administration. Aprilbio is now working on experiment of biweekly or monthly dosing treatment. Its animal experiment assessment also aims to finish next year.

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